Who we are: CAP-EDU is a 501(c)(3) charity. CAP-EDU’s purpose is to promote public education programs for mental health in Colorado. 

Our audience: The CAP-EDU blog serves the public and mental health professionals of Colorado.


We accept article submissions from experts and practitioners in the medical and mental health fields and the professionals that support them. We do not pay authors for articles.


  • Cross-posting: CAP-EDU will accept relevant articles that have been posted on other sites.
  • Advertising: We do not accept native ads or anything sales-focused. 
  • Credibility: We do not accept articles that undermine the credibility of the organization or its mission.
  • Relevance: Topics must be relevant to mental health and its practice.
  • Time to publication: Articles are typically published within two weeks, but could occasionally take longer.
  • Submissions: We will not write your articles for you but will do a final editorial pass. Pitches and complete articles are welcome. 


  • Article Length: Articles should be 300-2000 words in length.
  • Image Requirements: Images files must be in medium-to-high resolution JPG or PNG format. Images embedded in a document file are unsuitable for publication and will be ignored.
  • Citing Sources: Source citations will be links appropriately placed within the article to publicly available, credible scientific or professional articles from reputable sources.
  • Guideline on Links: Links to spammy or low credibility sites will be removed.
  • Metadata Markup: Headers should be formatted in the text or enclosed in brackets. Links should be formatted in the text or enclosed in brackets.
  • Style Guidelines: All submissions must pass a spell and grammar checker at a minimum to be accepted. Here is a simple style guideline to follow. Consult the AP style guide for additional details.


  • Accepted Formats: Documents must be in email, Microsoft Word, or Google Docs format. PDF files are not acceptable.
  • Point of Submission: Submissions must be sent by email to the CAP-EDU blog editor at
  • Submission Titles: All submissions must include “CAP-EDU Article Submission” in the title, or your email will be automatically filtered out as spam and not seen.
  • Byline/Headshot Information: Bylines should include the author’s name, credentials, and a short bio. A link to the author’s website is permitted. Optionally, a headshot of the author can be submitted (see image requirements) for inclusion in the byline.
  • Important editing information: We reserve the right to edit headlines, body copy, and anything else, to meet our editorial standards.


  • Average Review Time: Articles will be reviewed within two weeks, typically.
  • How You Will Be Notified: Responses will be by email to the email address provided with the submission.
  • Responses: If writers have not heard within four weeks of submission, there is a good chance the article was refused. We do not give feedback on every submission or let every writer know what needed to be changed or improved to make the cut.